An in-depth analysis of your premises makes it possible to test the feasibility of your project by respecting your needs, your expectations, your image and your budget.

We take all these parameters into account in order to formulate solutions in line with your values ​​and your corporate culture.
Your work environment is a management and marketing tool, it reflects the image you want to release.


We then create a macro and a textured micro plan so that you can imagine your project in its final state.

As soon as the feasibility of the reorganization of your workspace is confirmed, we can design a macro-plan of your premises. We highlight the developable surface taking into account the structures and characteristics of your company. Then, we can proceed to the development of a micro-plan to visualize the whole of the workspace and all of its details. Thus, you can imagine your future premises in their purpose.


To offer a good interior design, the most important thing is to understand your employees and how they use their office space. This is the starting point for each project …

Based on your vision, we are looking for the best, sustainable, tailor-made solutions, while ensuring the well-being of your employees and providing a functional workplace. All, of course, respecting the pre-established budget, the schedule … with this little touch that characterizes us.



As Project Manager, we plan and coordinate your project from A to Z. We get the best market conditions for you and define your priorities in line with your budget. We supervise the various trades and ensure the follow-up of the construction site and the quality of the services.


Once the design phase is complete, we realize your project and coordinate all trades that will ensure quality work that will live up to your expectations. From floor to ceiling, the finishes of your workspace will be of quality.


Transforming your workspace can help you improve your company’s performance and image, reduce costs, and strengthen your corporate culture. The redevelopment of your premises also allows your employees to increase their productivity in an environment tailored to their needs and values

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