Atrium Naos Bâtiment Vertigo


Project description

Project description : redesign the atrium and reception area of the Naos building (Vertigo building in Gasperich).
Objective : to revitalize the atrium, on the one hand, to make it a place where it is good to relax, to have a meal or to be able to receive events. To revitalize the reception area, on the other hand, to make it a warm and welcoming place.


The Atrium was a real challenge. We had to make this space with a lot of height into a cosy and dynamic place where the tenants could eat, relax, work or do Events.
We built a structure in perforated metal and wood in order to compensate for the great height of the atrium. This structure is functional: integration of fridges but also of sockets and specific places for caterers during Events, numerous seats, integrated storage,…
It is also aesthetic and brings a feeling of comfort and well-being through its colors and the vegetation that fits perfectly into the whole.
We have also designed and realized a bench which comes to dress a palm tree in order to allow the collaborators to relax or to work in a comfortable and welcoming place.
In a concern of durability, we recovered the existing chairs and tables to complete the whole.
The reception area was designed and built in the same spirit as the atrium in order to create a colorful, dynamic, young and cozy environment.



Surface 700 m²
Customer Kohlenberg & Ruppert
Year 2023