Monument Luxembourg


Project description

Project description : refurbish an empty space for the new offices of the company Monument.

Objective : To create a young and dynamic work space by integrating the principle of collaboration.

The first idea was to use industrial style glass partitions in order to meet the two main objectives: optimize the collaboration between hierarchy and services while giving a young and industrial character. In order to optimize the meeting points we placed them in the center of the project (one to one, coffee point, meeting room …). We also proposed to install custom furniture to find points of exchange in the open space (lacobel and acoustic set, bench, poufs …) To energize the spaces we designed a game between vinyl and carpeted floors. To amplify this dynamic aspect, we have punctuated the project with an ochre color that blends with the magenta and orange of our client’s logo. This color is highlighted on a black background and on custom-made structures. In a current spirit and turned to the exchanges we realized a warm project of conviviality and new dynamics of work.



Surface 900 m²
Customer Monument Luxembourg
Year 2022